lead with less.

automate the rest.


We help digital CEOs streamline and automate the main departments within their business so that they can focus on growth, without getting stuck in the day to day.


The strategically built and proven method that balances high performance and automates productivity.

Use easy decision-making techniques and overarching automation to reduce stress and the day-to-day business grind distractions so you can focus on the tasks that are right for you and your life right now.


lead with less.

automate the rest.


We help digital CEOs to streamline and automate the main departments of their business so that they can focus on growth, without getting stuck in the day to day


How to automate your business, without compromising company growth.

Learn the magic circle, no-code tool approach to balance high performance.

lead with less. automate the rest.


Excellence in performance, solid team management, constant company development, and paying attention to personal needs cannot be considered separately. 

Digital CEOs face the reality of the online advantage, especially when they are scaling fast. 

We need to develop systems and processes while scaling a business in a fast-paced industry for which there is no universal blueprint. 

We want to sell and onboard new clients, create remarkable customer experiences, and always stay top-of-the-edge. 

But that can be exhausting without having the right automated systems in place to do most of the work for you. 

Can you relate?


  • Risking customer satisfaction because you cannot keep up
  • Sacrificing growth because you have to "clean up" first
  • Hiring every person you can grab
  • Set an integrator, before you are even ready to get out of the daily business 
  • Ignoring missing processes because you are already overwhelmed and overstretched

Let's stop self sabotaging and transform your business into a well-oiled machine, designed for scalable growth with solid systems, easy to manage tools and simple processes, without adding more to your schedule. 


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Hi I'm Kriss,


Ex-Google, Economist, Online Business Minimalist, Serial Entrepreneur, Mom and flexible, small giant!


Since I'm a recovering control freak, part-time workaholic, and tech and tool nerd, I always rely more on tools and systems to scale my business than training employees on understanding my thought process or working weekends. 

And of course, I need a reason to test 5-10 tools each week :D

I never thought, this was a special skill. But one day a consultancy compared my 2.5-year-old, highly automated 7-figure education company with the industry standard. They had teams of 10+ people, weren't nearly as profitable, and would not believe that I just established a 4-day workweek and started 2 new companies with a 2.5 person head count while still growing. 

I realized I have a system that will change the life of digital CEOs.

Tested by my 150+ German clients, I now teach - of course - in an automated and scalable way. 

Why in English? Because I really want to be the go-to person for testing every possible new tool or app for digital entrepreneurs and make videos about it. And the German-speaking market is not ready...it's too small for that ;)

So, get ready and let's develop your lean online business operating system. 


Manage hiring, onboarding, development, tracking, and company education in a powerful Clickup system.

Manage your clients' success, especially, if you are running an application-only, high-ticket, online coaching business, with milestone check-ins, custom success path and weekly group coaching by automating everything, except showing up live. (Clickup, Airtable, zoom, Vimeo setup)

Run a powerful and simplified content conversion setup, that will convert clients on autopilot. Especially with YouTube, blog management, and social media strategies, that DON'T rely on ads.


Choose your Area of Focus

Depending on your situation, you will focus on one area of your business that has the greatest need for a streamlined, automated, and scalable system.


Create SOPs, develop a company manual, automate onboarding and team trainings, make sure to track happiness and well-being, and always stay on track with finance, legal, and tech requirements.


Use the simple profit picture to gain clarity on your lead and sales generating platforms that are streamlined, scaled, and automated. Develop a social selling base and a library to handle objections and more.

Client Success

Pre-qualify your service business clients, create a powerful CRM system in Clickup, and install internal and external market research automations to always deliver the best transformations.


Develop your Hybrid Operating System

You will simplify everything, remove parts that are not working, and set up your new SOPs and routines. Then you will use the tools to do the work for you and automate everything that is not driving value. 

Productivity Business Accelerator

develop your lean online business operating system the easy way! 


Digital leadership development at the highest level combined with efficient strategies to systematize and automate the core essentials of a profitable online business in a scalable and satisfying way. 




249€ (~260$)

12 month access

 forever Beta Pricing (50% Off)

  • Lean Online Business Operating System

 Time-saving Implementation

  • Clickup Templates Bases
  • Full Automation Tutorials
  • Copy and Past Zaps
  • SOP Templates
  • Notion Collaboration Space
  • Airtable Bases
  • Management Routines

To keep you on track

  • Monthly Office hours (pre-recorded)
  • Monthly Review Sessions (pre-recorded)
  • Live Q&A Sessions 
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PBA Outline

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First Steps

Bird's-eye View


LOBOS | Lean Online Business Operating System

  • Operations Department
  • Growth Department
  • Success Department
  • Management Bonus
Choose your Area of Focus
  • Value Ladder Development
  • Program Management
  • Customer Experience Journey
    • Onboarding
    • Client Success
    • Customer Care
    • Community Management
    • Progress Tracking
    • Offboarding
  • Success Team
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Hiring & Onboarding
    • Management Circle
    • Team Traction
  • Growth Management
  • Media Management
  • Social Selling
  • Content Conversion
  • Partner Experience
  • Experts Management
  • Sales Wheel Tracking
  • PR & Reach Out
  • Office Management
  • HR & Team
  • IT/ Tech
  • Finance
  • Legal