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If you had more time and energy, how would your company change the world?

Are you passionate about your business and love what you do?

Do you watch the experienced entrepreneurs talk about work-life balance as you wonder if they only enjoy balance because they are so much farther ahead than you?

With every night shift you pull, do you tell yourself to just finish this last project and THEN it will get easier?



Life does not get easier. 


Kids don't catch fewer colds.

Your business doesn't get less complex and 

every growth spurt comes with tasks for which you are unqualified.


So, stop looking for the "magic pill" that will give you motivation and focus, but surrender to the high performance you need, schedule it strategically, automate your productivity, and remember:  

Lead with less.
Automate the Rest.

A new era of success where you can have it all.

The biggest growth accelerator is YOU.

It's time to prioritize yourself. On autopilot!

Use a strategic and proven method, easy decision-making techniques, and overarching automation to reduce stress, get less tangled up in the day-to-day of business, and focus on the tasks that are right for you and your life right now.


Most productivity techniques don't work for you?

It's not your fault!

  • They are boring.
  • They require strenuous groundwork before you can even get into implementation.
  • They preach strict and complex rituals that don't harmonize with children, co-workers, and your company.
  • They stop when it gets exciting, namely answering the concrete: "How do I do this in everyday life."
  • They always directly demand everything from you: health, sleep, sports, relationships, ergo:

They cannot be transferred and implemented in the everyday life of a digital CEO.


You can achieve everything, but you can't do everything at the same time


Refrain from trying to tackle health, sleep, exercise, nutrition, relationships, finances, and business success all at the same time. Maslow won't be mad at you if there are areas of life where you don't prioritize everything.

Get on a new path to success.

Gone are the days of endless mental to-do lists with unimplemented plans and frustrated evenings because you haven't done everything yet again.

Say goodbye to constantly changing topics that keep taking you out of focus.

Say goodbye to crippling motivation lows and renounce work pressure and decision uncertainty.

Delegate without having to look after every task again, and:

Automate the implementation of your annual goals.

align - operate - elevate

lead [PS]

the automated productivity system


Build a working system that lets you achieve your goals, incorporates your needs, and automates the way to get there without being thrown off track by life.


The basis of motivation and success is more than just a vision and a mission statement. 

You need principles, non-negotiables, and a solid way to determine your next steps so you can set up systems that get into automatic execution without breaking apart other areas.


Turn yourself and your business into a powerhouse. Automation is not just about using tools.

Establish routines and habits, use templates and simplify your everyday life. Get used to lean management so that growth happens without your intervention.


Growth is not a coincidence or mindset trick. It can help, but strategy and focused work is more reliable. 

Set your boundaries, keep trimming and pruning all areas of your business and life, and solidify your "Life-balanced Business Performance."


Replace overwork and overwhelm with a goal plan that fits you, your life, your business, and your current performance situation. 


"I really wanted to get to the next level, but there's no point in focusing on growth when your body just needs energy. Through Lead PS, I learned to care for my body's needs while implementing 'fixers' which create growth balance and prevent drain in the future."

Learn to prioritize, set boundaries and take care of the most important tasks on autopilot.

"I have tons of unused planners in my closet and at least 30 productivity videos stored somewhere, yet I never use any of them. This system integrates into my daily life so smoothly, it's impossible to ignore. Thank you!"

Life approved. Automatically plan for those moments when life gets in the way.

"That I could move all of my work into a daily hour on the iPhone for several days without significant consequences or loss of revenue is something I never thought possible."

Don't make excuses, just take smaller steps. The system is a cycle. Don't stop, try one part and keep going until you get to the same step, next time.


"This is so fun! And it's so good not to have to skip unused pages if you don't get something done or feel squeezed into a corset of daily rituals. It's more than productivity, it defines a new way of being a CEO."


Hi, I'm Kriss!

In a few years, I have taken my business into the seven-figure range. First as a solo-entrepreneur and now... Now I work only with a freelancer, who works 2-3 days a month for me despite kids, moving, and external influences. How did that work? With discipline, boundaries, systems, and processes.

Everyone who works with me says, "What you do in 10 minutes takes me a day or two."

Every day I hear, "How do you do all that?"

You can now find my system, unconsciously perfected over the years in consulting, as an independent and now as a business leader, in a course format. Easy to replicate and implement!

So, don't let self-doubt and overwhelm stop you anymore, but automate productivity and prepare yourself to bring EVERYTHING under one hat without any problems, without having to free up more time to implement it.


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  • The full lead [PS] Method
  • Routine, systems, processes, and template base
  • Access to the lead [PS] fully automated Clickup space template
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Payment Plan


  • The full lead [PS] Method
  • Routine, systems, processes, and template Base
  • Access to the lead [PS] fully automated Clickup space template
  • Delegation bonus templates
  • All upcoming upgrades 2022 included


A system that fits your life!